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What Color Nails Are For A First Date?

First dates are always very hectic not from just deciding what to wear or how to act but all the way down to the little details of first date nails. Yes, picking your date night nail color can be very difficult as there happens to be some guidelines you must follow while picking the manicure for your first date. First impressions are everything!

So what color press on nails should you wear on a first date? You most definitely want to have a fresh set of press on nails or a fresh traditional manicure and pedicure done. Picking first date night nails is drastically important as they silently communicate your personality even prior opening your mouth and speaking a single word. You must think about how you would like to express yourself with your beautiful press on nails.

When making this first impression as you greet your date at the restaurant, it is very essential to wow your date with your amazing beauty and taste. As far as your manicure goes, you do not want them to steal the show but rather enhance your beauty without distracting him from your natural beauty. You want them to display romance as well so the color palettes should be one of reds, corals, raspberry, emeralds and of course light pinks. These colors are not just romantic but also offer a style of femininity that your date will love.