CliqOnU Co-Founders & Special Guest discuss How to Cliq

What a fantastic day! Celebrity stylist, Katie Collins joins us to eat, drink, and hear about our tips and tricks on How to Cliq with our CliqOnU Ready To Wear Press on Nails. What better way to share with you than in the midst of laughter, some bubbly, and surrounded by nature.

Some of us go by the number system for sizing and fit, while others wing it! We each have our own technique on how to apply the glue, and we discover we might have to give the other’s trick a try. We also share how to prep our nails before application, which is so important.

We’re all individuals, so how we like to wear our press on nail sets is different from one another. Jen likes to wear her press on nails for 1-2 weeks, while Viv likes to change them up to go with what she’s wearing. Katie confesses she has gone from someone who would never wear press ons to someone who now feels naked without them, and if you want to know why her cat loves CliqOnU press on nails too…well, then you’ll just have to watch!

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