Red Rocks Nail Art Inspiration

Red Rocks…Rocks! We love classic color nails, but we also love to elevate a classic look. We decided to take the classic red bold manicure and add a slice of silver. Red can be Rockin’ Roll AND the Red Carpet, and every woman can be both. You take Madonna…she managed to go from being a pop-rock goddess to a classic woman, and many times she is both at once. We have an essence of every woman within us, it’s just deciding who will we allow ourselves to be.

One thing we love about being women is expressing ourselves with our own unique style and allowing ourselves to reach outside of who we are. Who we think we are…and become someone else for just a moment with a new dress, favorite lipstick, signature piece of jewelry, or a new nail art design with our press on nails. We might bring a part of ourselves to light we haven’t seen before, and that discovery takes us to new places. Fashion isn’t just about what’s on the outside. Fashion comes from within…it’s about expressing who you are, what you feel in that moment, or discovering something new.

We discovered the bold look of red glossy nails sometimes deserves a slice of silver. We hope you Rock your Red, or Red in your Rocks with our at home manicure…

whatever Rocks U.

Wait until you see what’s in store for our next red nail kit… a diy manicure that’s sure to rock

your world!

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