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Updated: Dec 22, 2020

Not only do we like to dress in season, but we love to eat in season as well. Did you know seasonal produce is more nutritious and even tastier than produce that is out of season? Think of a strawberry in summer...and a strawberry in winter. It's not your imagination that the strawberry is sweeter and juicier in the summer. And why do we crave apple pie in the autumn? It's not just because it's pie....well...ok, maybe because it's pie, but it's also because apples in autumn are like the waves in the ocean.

We are inspired to create from nature...and what's easy for the picking is fresh fruit. The colors of a fig...purple, pink, green, gold...the swirls and textures only nature could provide. It's pure perfection. Mouth watering perfection! We put this inspiration into our nail art designs to create a manicure that's in season.

So whether it's a fig you are craving or a bright red apple look to nature to provide exactly what you need. It's right there at your fingertips and sometimes on your our mouth watering press on nails !

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