Wishing Star Nail Art Inspiration

Wishing Star is one of our first collaborative nail art designs, therefore this nail set is close to our hearts. When we started CliqOnU a major goal for us was to design a manicure for everyone. Some people don’t like to wear their nails long, and often the idea of false nails leads to the idea that artificial nails can only be long. We don’t believe press on nails should be one category in length or shape, just like people.

It’s such a personal preference as to how someone likes to wear their manicure. While all of our press ons can be cut and filed, we particularly wanted to create designer press on nails that come in shorter styles too. Our at home manicure kit is also about saving time, so for those that don’t want to take the time to cut and file they can opt for a nail kit that comes in a shorter length. Long, short, oval, square, round…custom press on nails are like people…they should come in all shapes and sizes.

We wished up on a star and created Wishing Star. The deep colors of the midnight sky…stars and crescent moons. This was the start to a dream. Wish upon your Star, take action…and make your dreams come true.



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