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Romantic Anniversary Press On Nails

Anniversary nail designs with pink accents work well for every wife that wants to look glamorous. Yes, pink nails have always caught the fancy of wives to be as this is one color that adds a dash of style and romance in an instant and makes a wife glow perfectly for her husband on their anniversary!

Though styles in anniversary nail art keep changing from year to year, there is one anniversary nail art that never seems to go out of fashion or style or off the minds of young wives…PINK!! The reason why pink press-on nails are always the hot favorite of a beautiful wife is the instant glam effect that this color brings to a wife’s appearance.

The temptation might be to put your anniversary press on nails off to the last minute, the earlier you can start thinking about what you want to do with them, the better. Yes, you can get your anniversary nails done professionally by a salon but if you wait to the last minute…it’s easier just get some press on nails as they only take 10 minutes to put on.

So if you are rushing from work to your anniversary dinner…you might as well just use some press on nails Choosing the right nail colors and design for your anniversary day is very important. There are some elegant and beautiful nail designs for anniversaries from CliqOnU that will definitely impress your husband!


1. Natural anniversary looks for nails


2. Bright color art design in romantic anniversary nails

For Her Toes

For Her Fingers


3. Sparkling nail design for the recent bride

Are you the glittery glam type of young wife? Take a look at these beautiful sparkly nail designs that will perfectly compliment your hair and anniversary lingerie. You can glam up all your nails in sparkle or you can be more subtle and do every other nail in glitter