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As moms, we think about the physical, emotional, and social development of our children. In today’s world, social media can greatly impact all of these areas in both healthy and harmful ways. We understand the need and positive points social media brings us. It is a way to connect and reach others around the world, but at the same time, people are leveraging it for purposes that are deceptive. Social media is where many traffickers recruit their victims and can be an avenue where the risk of children being exploited is increased.

As women, we think about how we can empower other women, girls, and boys to creatively and beautifully express themselves. Human trafficking forces a person to be under the control of another, which makes them feel insecure and vulnerable. CliqOnU wants to be part of helping others to feel empowered, find their uniqueness, and express their beauty from within. 

We were drawn to ZOE International because we share the same vision. ZOE International works in 3 ways to combat human trafficking, prevention, rescue, and restoration. With an estimated 40.3 million victims of human trafficking worldwide, ZOE makes every effort to rescue children, both boys and girls, from commercial exploitation. Their goal is to rescue victims from human traffickers, and provide them with opportunities and support for a new path and future. Like CliqOnU, ZOE seeks to help young people discover and build on their individuality and strengths, affirming how special they are.

10% of net sales are dedicated to initiatives to fight human trafficking.


Thank U for joining us at CliqOnU to be a part of giving back. ​

XX Jen+ Viv