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Chasing Rainbows Nail Art Inspiration

Chasing Rainbows Nail Art Inspiration

Anything can bring on inspiration for our nail art designs.  The exciting part is when the inspiration happens…and the brainstorming between us begins.  It might start with a color we are vibing on, color tones we’d like to see together, what’s happening in fashion, in nature, or a beautiful piece of fabric we want to bring to life.  That’s the marvelous thing about inspiration, it can come from anywhere and helps us to create beautiful custom press on nails.

Our inspiration for the Chasing Rainbows press on nails started with none other than a rainbow.  Chasing Rainbows brings us back to childhood memories driving in the car, looking out the window, while chasing a rainbow that has just appeared in the sky.  We wanted to create an atypical rainbow than what one usually thinks of, using more of a pastel color palette.  We loved the idea of each nail being different and having the rainbow spread across the hand, rather than all of the colors on one finger.  Each person has the opportunity to be creative with this nail kit.  Chasing Rainbows nail art design is very personal in that each person can select their own rainbow to create a gorgeous, unique manicure.

Our final touch in this press on manicure was the finish to create soft matte nails.  There is something about the soft matte finish that reminds us of the moment you see a rainbow appear in the sky.  The misty haze surrounding the rainbow, and those soft, beautiful colors that make you smile.  We have fallen in love with Chasing Rainbows, and have finally caught our rainbow.

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