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Gel Nail Dryers May Cause DNA Damage and Increase Cancer Risk, According to Study

Gel Nail Dryers May Cause DNA Damage and Increase Cancer Risk, According to Study

For many people, getting their nails done at a salon is a favorite indulgence. One option is gel nails, which can last up to two weeks without chipping. To cure the gel polish, a UV or LED lamp is often used, but recent research has suggested that these gel nail dryers may come with a significant health risk.


A study published in the journal Nature Communications found that exposure to the UV light emitted by gel nail dryers can cause DNA damage in skin cells. This damage may increase the risk of developing skin cancer over time. Typically, regular users change their gel manicures every 2 weeks. Recently, a small number of melanoma and non-melanoma cases, reported either on the nail or on the dorsum of the hand, have also been putatively attributed to exposure to UV radiation emitted by nail polish dryers.


The researchers exposed human and mouse cells to ultraviolet light and found that a 20-minute period killed 20-30% of the cells. After three consecutive 20 min exposures, 65-70% of exposed cells died. The remaining cells suffered mitochondrial and DNA damage, leading to mutations in a pattern seen in human skin cancers. Cumulative effects of repeated exposure over time may increase the risk significantly.


The study's findings are concerning for anyone who regularly gets gel nails, as well as for salon workers who are exposed to the UV lamps for longer periods. It's important to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to minimize exposure.


Many dermatologists feel these findings aren't new when it comes to ultraviolet, or UV light and is the reason they stopped getting gel manicures a long time ago. Tanning beds are a known carcinogenic and UV nail lamps are simply mini tanning beds for your nails.


When we started CliqOnU the concern of UV and LED lights to cure gel polish was greatly on our minds. We avoided these lamps ourselves and with apprehension experienced a gel manicure only one or two times. The idea of these mini tanning beds always in the back of our minds. Not only were we concerned for the possibility of skin cancer, but as religious sunblock wearers the idea of speeding up age spots and wrinkles on our hands was also a concern. This is one of the reasons we focused on developing high end press on nails. To have the option of beautiful, long-lasting nails without compromising health was in the forefront for the development of CliqOnU.


Besides the convenience and savings in cost compared to the salon, you can feel good knowing CliqOnU Ready To Wear Nails are a healthier option to gel nails. Did you know CliqOnU press ons have the seal of approval by HSN? Why is this so important? HSN carries a gold standard of requirements, especially in the cosmetics industry. CliqOnU went through rigorous toxicology testing to receive approval by HSN and is the only press on nail company currently on-air and online with the 40+ year old network.


We are happy to Cliq with U! And we are happy to bring you a healthier alternative for beautiful nails






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CliqOnU is the healthier way to mani.



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