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PhotoBook Magazine Approved !

PhotoBook Magazine Approved !
PhotoBook Sustainable Fashion Magazine, schools us on the history of nails from Cleopatra, to fashion, to the who, what and where of CliqOnU Ready To Wear Nails in their latest Beauty article PB Approved: CliqOnU, We CliqWithU.
Writer, Tessa Swantek takes her trial with CliqOnU very seriously, entering the world of press ons with some misconceptions confessing, "Many, including myself, are also hesitant to use press on nails because of the concern that the glue will damage nails. This was my main concern as I am very particular about my nails. Needless to say, I took on this review with some trepidation, but once I tried CliqOnU, my concerns were swiped away with one click of a nail."
She takes us through her own self care during quarantine and why she comes to realize that something as simple as well manicured nails can make you feel good on the inside whether you're going out or staying in. She almost creates a family feud with her manicurist sister-in-law who thinks she's gone elsewhere for a perfect manicure, only to find out she's wearing press ons!
Coming from the world of fashion, Tessa is reminded of the color blocking she sees on the runways in our Chasing Rainbows Ready To Wear Nails. We love how she speaks of the recent monochromatic looks in high fashion and lounge wear and how something as simple as our matte nail set in Blue Moon can compliment the look.
Our press on nails are made to be lived in and worn with ease, so we love hearing about her personal experience and process of applying our Ready To Wear press on nails. The icing on the cake is that she experiences the natural feeling of our press ons, and writes this fabulous article while wearing them...just as we do ourselves in this very moment!
FashionBook Magazine is a must see & read for those looking for inspiration in the Arts, Fashion, Beauty and more. Highlighting equal rights, sustainability, and no fur, we are thrilled to not only get into their hands, but onto their fingers as well!
Article by Tessa Swantek, Contributor, PhotoBook Magazine
Tearsheets by Victoria Durant, Contributor, PhotoBook Magazine
Editor-In-Chief Alison Hernon

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