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Jennifer Lopez's Secret to Flawless Nails

Jennifer Lopez's Secret to Flawless Nails
Pssst....let us let you in on a little secret...celebrities like Jennifer Lopez have been long time lovers of press on nails. This isn't a new trend either. Ok, now close your mouth, we know your jaw just dropped. J.Lo and others have been wearing press ons for years, probably because they know it's the quickest, most versatile, fashionable nail option out there.
We too want that flawless, perfectly manicured look, but between work, taking care of our children, going for a hike or something to get our bodies moving, and basically functioning like Superwoman, as ALL women do...we don't have the time to sit for a manicure, let alone a beautiful set of nail art. If we have an hour or two for a manicure we might opt for a nap instead...hehehe!
So the real question is...why can't we have flawless nails like J.Lo? And the answer is...we can! You know how Orange is the new Black...well Press Ons are the new Manicure. This InStyle article by Alexis Bennett is a big eye opener to the reality of flawless nails. Jennifer Lopez goes from being on-set with short nails, to performing in concert with a long-lasting gorgeous set of nails. What's so cool is she doesn't even have to be there when she gets her "nails done." Jennifer Lopez's manicurist, Tom Bachik is able to create beautiful nail art on his own time for Lopez and many of his other celebrity clientele that he can apply at a later time. Maybe like us they have a 100 other things to juggle, so this time-saving option, while getting the end result they want is what you call a win-win!
We all wish we had our own personal manicurist. Well, we're here for you! We'll be your personal manicurist and create stylish, beautiful nails that you can easily apply to yourself in minutes before you have a night out with your girlfriends, a date with your love, or honestly just for you, since plain and deserve to feel sensational! What will you do with all of that free time you now have on your hands? Share in the comments below...we'd love to know!

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