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CliqOnU in Cosmopolitan February 2021

CliqOnU in Cosmopolitan February 2021
You may have heard it, but if you haven’t…we started the year off feeling absolutely over the moon! We’re in our first beauty editorial in the February issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine on the beautiful Salem Mitchell, photographed by Jenn Collins. This editorial is a MUST read! Written by Ama Kwarteng, “FYI: Makeup Isn’t Over” and we couldn’t agree more! The colors, and style in this article are beyond inspiring. The pure joy that comes from these images is mesmerizing. Inspiration galore!
Yes…Makeup isn’t over…AND nails aren’t over either. In fact, they are so in and press on nails are back in a huge way. Plain and simple…we are all craving fun in our lives right now! When we wake up in the morning how will we start the day? Will it feel like Groundhog Day again and again, or do we want to start our day feeling it’s filled with possibility? Beauty and fashion are a part of bringing us joy. It’s not only on the surface, but how it makes us feel inside. When we feel beautiful, we feel like we can conquer the world…or at least the day!
The emotions that are going on right now through this planet can feel intense. We’re in need of finding ways to express ourselves and find our inner joy and creativity. Makeup, Fashion, Nails…
It Isn’t Over, we’ve entered a new era in beauty.
Thank you Cosmopolitan for giving us the most memorable experience!
Did we mention…we’re over the moon ;
Model: Salem Mitchell @salemmitchell
Photographer/videographer: Jenn Collins @jenncollins
Beauty editor/written by: Ama Kwarteng @amakwarteng
MUA: Tami El Sombati @tamielsombati
Hair: Ashley Lynn Hall @hairbyashleyh
Stylist: Kia Desiree Goosby @kiadesireegoosby
Stylist assistant: Katie Collins @katiecollinsstyle
Creative Directory: Abby Silverman @abby.silverman
Producer/visual editor: Raydene Salinas Hansen @heyrayhansen
Beauty directory: Julie Wilson @missjulee
Photo/video assistant: Sean Michon @seanmichon

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