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Celebrity Stylist, Katie Collins for CliqOnU

Celebrity Stylist, Katie Collins for CliqOnU
We’re excited to announce CliqOnU featured on The Desire Company, reviewed by celebrity stylist, Katie Collins. Cliq to watch Katie's full story! In a world where we are constantly bombarded by “reviews” it’s hard to know who and which ones to trust. The Desire Company has created a community and platform of accomplished, real-world Pros who share their real knowledge and love of items and products they truly believe in.
Katie Collins has years of experience as a stylist to celebrities such as Charlize Theron, many others, and worldwide magazine publications. We were honored she selected CliqOnU Ready To Wear Nails as a product she wanted to share with nail and fashion lovers who are looking for a real option for nail care, and to beautify their style.
Katie shows us how functional CliqOnU Press On Nails are for her lifestyle. She prefers our short press on nails for her personal wear as she needs to be able to button buttons, zip up zippers, and sew quickly, while working on set. Not only does she love our press ons for herself, but she also has our nail kits on hand for photoshoots, since they are the perfect accessory and complete any look. Katie introduced our nail art to Cosmo and we are excited to share that our CliqOnU Ready To Wear Nails will be featured in our first beauty editorial in the February issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine! Be on the lookout for the digital release in the next coming days featuring the fabulous SZA on the cover.
Cosmopolitan and The Desire Company…we’d say 2021 looks like it’s off to a sensational start for CliqOnU!

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CliqOnU in Cosmopolitan February 2021

CliqOnU in Cosmopolitan February 2021


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