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ZOE Inspiration Workshop

ZOE Inspiration Workshop
This past week we had the honor of partnering with ZOE International in a workshop with young women who are impacted by human trafficking. Our workshop focus was to share the steps it takes to create our nail art designs. What inspires us, the color palettes, the shape of the nail, putting it all down on paper, to the final set of press on nails. Of course, there are steps in between for creating our designs and the finished product, but what we wanted to do most in our workshop was inspire these young women to dream. We all have access to nature and colors, and believe we are all born artists.
We asked them to start with a vision of what makes them feel happy. When we see something beautiful it makes us feel happy inside, and that’s something we personally like to share with others in our nail designs, like our press ons Chasing Rainbows, Wishing Star, Misty Mauve, Blue Moon and Night Sky. There is a reason nature plays such a part for us in our nail art.
It is also the partnership…the community you surround yourself with. We’ve built CliqOnU through our partnership. Each building on our own strengths, inspiring each other to move forward, listening, brainstorming, building brick by brick…color by color. We wanted these young women to know they have access to a partnership with each other, with ZOE, and now with us. We had hoped for this one brief moment to inspire them to believe in themselves, and in turn…they inspired us!
They showed up not just for the press on nails, but to listen and share. They shared their ideas of whimsical, holiday nail art designs, their affinity to matte nails, coffin press on nails, and long press on nails. They shared how they too are inspired by the sunset and ocean, and the sights in nature that bring them joy. We are honored by their brave hearts for showing up and we can’t wait to create with them again in the future! Thank you, ZOE International and to all of the young women who joined us. We are inspired by all of U!

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