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Tween Style = Tween Press On Nails

Tween Style = Tween Press On Nails

Tween, also short for've come into your own style and strength of who you are. You want to express yourself and let the world know you have a sense of knowing what you like...and don't like. We feel U! We're here for U! This might be one of the hardest ages, navigating the world between being a kid and teenager. Where do you fit in? The thing don't need to "fit in"! Be who U are, stand out and express yourself, be the individual U are! 

Cute Tween Nail Designs 2021

Tweens love an outlet for self expression and tween style trends. Tween press on nails are the perfect canvas. Bright oranges, pale blues, pops of pink, and reds are some colors that are very popular with tween girls for nail art. CliqOnU Cali Waves have those pops of color and nail art that tweens love.

Nail Ideas for Tween Girls

If you’re searching for the right press on nail designs for your tween..or you are a tweenager, Golden Sunday and Wishing Star are both a perfect short nail length and nail designs you'll love. Chasing Rainbows is also a loved set by tweens with a matte finish and fun colors. Of course who can forget glitter?! Bring on our Pixie Dust glitter nails. The great thing about CliqOnU is that all of our press ons can be cut and filed to your desired length and shape!

Press On Nails For Tweens

CliqOnU Press-on Manicure for tweens. Mom approved press on nails are super comfy and safe on natural nails for tweens. These tween press-ons are easy to apply, and removal is hassle free, and safe as long as they are applied and removed correctly. Use our CliqOil to prep the removal process, and soak in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then gently lift the nail. They should remove easily and without force. Repeat the steps if needed. Go to our How It Works and FAQ pages for the steps and tips of how to get a gorgeous at-home mani.

Cliq with Us! We're happy to Cliq with U!




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