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Desert Sun - CliqOnU x Katie Collins

Discover the beauty of the Desert Sun with CliqOnU's burgundy and gold press-on nails. Inspired by Joshua Tree, this stunning set is designed by celebrity stylist Katie Collins. With hints of gold shimmering through the rich burgundy backdrop, these press-on nails are the perfect accessory for any occasion. 
"The desert brings me a sense of peace and connection to myself and to nature, and I have seen some of the most incredible sunsets there. This set captures the spirit of the beauty of the desert."~ Katie Collins

  • Burgundy Colored Nails
  • Medium Length Press Ons
  • Narrow-Mid Nail Bed Size
  • Oval Shape Press On Nails
  • Air Brushed Matte Texture


Non Toxic - All components are lab tested and proven non-toxic.

Non Damaging - Gentle, long lasting glue and easy removal.

Reusable & Recyclable - Wear them again, and recycle once you're done.

Seamless-Natural Fit - Tapered at the cuticle for a natural look. The technology to create this effect is unique to CliqOnU.

Short Wear & Long Lasting - 1 dot of glue in the center of the natural nail, or 3 drops spread around the surface of the nail.

Strong - Won't break, crack, or chip.

Size Friendly - With 12 sizes and 24 nails you'll find your fit. Plus all nails can be cut and filed to your desired shape and length.

    Kit Includes

    • 24 Ready-To-Wear Nails in 12 sizes
    • Non-Damaging & Non-Toxic Glue (2ml)
    • Prep Pad Wipe
    • Nail File
    • Pin Cap
    • Instructions

    How To Apply


            Please see our HOW TO video for details.