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The Short & Chic Bundle

SHORT & CHIC are for those who prefer a short nail, but don't want to miss out on chic nail art. Just because you're active doesn't mean you should miss out on style! 


  • Tres Chic / Golden Sunday / Gray Lace Nail Sets
  • Short Length Nails
  • Mid-Wide Nail Bed Size
  • Oval / Round Shape Press Ons
  • Gloss Gel Press On Nails Texture

**If reshaping the nail by filing, a clear top coat is suggested for extended color wear.

Kit Includes

  • 24 Ready-To-Wear Nails in 12 sizes
  • Non-Damaging & Non-Toxic Glue (2ml)
  • Prep Pad Wipe
  • Nail File
  • Pin Cap
  • Instructions

          Please see our HOW TO video for details.