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Follow the Rainbow to Fate, a CliqOnU x @nails_byely Collaboration

Cali Waves CliqOnU x @nails_byely collaboration

Another true story...once upon a time...CliqOnU Chasing Rainbows graced the hands of model Salem Mitchell in Cosmopolitan Magazine. The creative director for this editorial was Abby Silverman, New Yorker, fashionista, lover of colors, nail art connoisseur extraordinaire. The stars aligned and Abby's personal manicurist, Elizabeth Garcia aka @nails_byely was introduced to CliqOnU. We don't believe in chance. We DO believe in fate.

We fell in love with Elizabeth's nail art designs and even more so, who she is as a person. A fellow hard working mom, full of creativity, and optimism. From New York City on a work trip to Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to meet her in person. The moment we sat down she pulled out her colored pencils and sketch book, and started sketching our ideas of colors and shapes. Ely said, "I have a degree in Fine Arts, so I’ll pull out my colored pencils whenever I have the chance! Most of my clients come in with an idea or inspiration, so I try to sketch something based on their personal style and color palette."

We were inspired by a rug we saw Abby Silverman post on Instagram called Wavy by Pieces by An Aesthetic Pursuit with a 70's vibe. It reminded us of our iconic Chasing Rainbows that Salem wore in Cosmo. We had also seen Ely create wavy nail art designs and knew she was the one for this collaboration to pull in the 70's inspiration, waves, and pops of color. 

Since Ely is literally hands on with her clients we asked how she feels about creating nail art based on their ideas vs her ideas, "I think it’s such a beautiful process. I enjoy the connection that I get to create with others. I like bringing ideas to life and seeing them in my client’s nails or on paper," she said.

Ely has had the chance to work with many celebrities and magazines, so we were curious to hear what her favorite shoot had been to-date. "My favorite shoot was on Cosmopolitan Magazine with Singer Doja Cat. I created several 3 dimensional nail sets that involved different lengths and mediums. I highly enjoyed the challenge," said Ely. Once again solidifying that nail art is truly an art.

Whether you call it fate or happenstance, creating Cali Waves with Ely has been in the flow. Ely agrees, "Cali Waves feels like a flow of good energy for me. The combination of colorful lines transcends me to a creative dimension and state, where creative ideas are endless." They are endless and so are the possibilities. 






@nails_byely photographed by @mera.barban

Cali Waves Photographed by Mark Humphrey @xperiencefactory
Model, Rachel Ford @itsrachelford
Nail collaboration @nails_byely
MUA & Hair, Lupe Moreno @lupmoreno_mua

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