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Cosmopolitan Recommends CliqOnU Jade Moon for St. Patrick's Day 🍀💚

St. Patrick's Day nail art designs green nails

We're already thinking green and it's not even March! Green, that in Saint Patrick's Day green nails.  Thank you Cosmopolitan Magazine and beauty editors, Katherine J. Igoe and Ama Kwarteng for including us in your St. Patrick's Day nail art line-up...30 Saint Patrick's Day Nail Ideas That Aren't Corny AF.

Some of us might have the talent, and time to create these super cute and detailed St. Patrick's Day nail art designs...and then again, some of us might not. For those that don't have the skill for nail art, or the time to sit in a salon for a manicure, or don't want to spend the beaucoup bucks on a nail design, which will last for only about a week, Cosmopolitan recommends CliqOnU in Jade Moon press ons. We second that recommendation!

It's an elegant, elevated design. One of those nail sets you will feel so freakin chic in "you can def wear them year-round," says Cosmopolitan. Plus they are reusable, so you really can! Your bestie will be like, "You are taking it to a whole new level!" And you'll be like, "These are press on nails!" And they'll be like, "No way, press ons...what the what?...Why did I spend $150 on my nails?!"  And you'll be like, "Yeah...get with the times!"

Collaborated on with our creative director, Xperience Factory and inspired by British racing green with slithers of the shiva moon in camel tone. Elevate your style and make sure you avoid the leprechaun's pinch this St. Patrick's Day by wearing CliqOnU Jade Moon. CliqOnU in minutes!

Thank you Cosmo for the love!





Creative Direction & Photography @xperiencefactory
Model @lilijatoussi MUA & Hair @lupemoreno_mua 

Jade Moon nail collab @cliqonu x @xperiencefactory 


Cosmopolitan Magazine and beauty editors, Katherine J. Igoe and Ama Kwarteng  30 Saint Patrick's Day Nail Ideas That Aren't Corny AF 


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