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Cliq-ing with Boutique Stores at the Heart of It

Cliq-ing with Boutique Stores at the Heart of It

CliqOnU is hitting the boutique stores with heart and soul and Cliq-ing with shops who know how to Cliq with their customers! A couple of inspiring spots who pulled through the era of Covid and are thriving in a time of uncertainty, because they know at their core what their people want.

Number One Beauty Center has been the go-to spot for all things beauty for over 40 years. Located on Montana Avenue, just blocks from the Santa Monica beaches, this area is filled with young adults and families who look towards a healthy lifestyle. Montana Avenue is home to some of the trendiest restaurants, coffee shops, gift shops, boutique stores, and plenty more. Number One Beauty Center is a must see for all beauty lovers. The shop has products ranging from hair, skin, nails, makeup, body care, fragrances, and accessories. One of those places when you walk in for one thing, you can't help but walk out with more! The shop was able to survive the pandemic, which unfortunately shut down many of our favorite stores. Due to its amazing breadth of products and success as an overall retail storefront for many years when you walk by you can always expect an open door. It is a family owned and run business that focuses on offering a wide range of hard-to-find beauty products at affordable prices. Located at the checkout are the dazzling and eye-catching press on nails from CliqOnU. These nails are the perfect grab and go item for a salon like manicure in minutes! Customers find these nails to be hard to resist and a great addition to their beauty regime.  

Another boutique shop to spot CliqOnU is The Style Shop, located on the opposite side of the country on the campus of the Fashion Institute of Technology, a world renowned university right in the heart of Manhattan NYC. The shop is regularly packed with young creatives and fashion innovators constantly looking for the next best thing. The Style Shop is completely student run and operated. Products range from apparel, accessories and jewelry, stationary, art, trinkets, and all things fashion. The shop focuses on shining a light on up and coming designers and artists, often selling products from the school's very own students. The team gives a platform to feature designers of color and different races/ethnicities, all gender inclusive, with a focus on eco-conscious brands, and up and coming artists of all types. A new addition to The Style Shop is the ever so trendy CliqOnU press on nails. The nails are a perfect fit in the shop being women owned, recyclable and reusable, non-damaging, affordable, and featuring collaborations with small scale diverse artists. The award winning press-ons are the perfect pick me up for college students for a quick and affordable manicure in a plethora of trendy salon quality designs. CliqOnU offers the ultimate manicure to express oneself while looking out for the planet.

These are just some of the boutique stores we love to feature here and be featured in. It's all about Cliq-ing with U!

Written by Samantha Nocerino

@samnocerino @samsglammakeup

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