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Fall Favorites - The Classics & The Trends

Fall Favorites - The Classics & The Trends

Fall Nail Colors 2021

Fall is the season when we get to reset beauty as it is the style's new year and that means it’s the perfect time to try something new. This fall the fashion world is very much experimenting with various fall nail polish colors like never before. The fall fashion industry is trying out darker makeup palettes, which is bringing elevated fall inspired nail styles for press on nails this September, October and November.  Who wouldn’t want a cute fall manicure and sexy toe nail colors for fall this year.

Some Fall 2021 Nail Trends To Press On This September, October, and November

Dark Blue Press On Nails: Normally blue press on nails are left out of the fall press on nail collections, but this year we are going to see a large selection of blue shaded nail colors for both fingers and toes.

Forest and Dark Green Press On Nails: Green nail polish colors for manicures and pedicures is one of the top colors this fall as it dominated this summer in lighter shades and will continue to be a major fall 2021 nail color brining in darker deep shades of green.

Nude Nails For Fall:  You should not be surprised by the classic nude manicure as it goes with all outfits this fall no matter what weather mother nature brings to us. Nude press on nails that have a matte top coat and delicate accents keep things interesting.

Purple Fall 2021 Nail Color Trend:  Definitely the rockstar color for this fall, but when we say purple we do not mean bright springtime purple nails, rather that dark edgy rich purple nail polish color that almost appears like black nail polish, and mauve tones keep it mysterious.

No Brainer Fall 2021 Nail Colors: Anything coffee, cafe, brown, and deep rich burgundy for your manicure or pedicure this fall will have you looking amazing from head to toe.

What's your fall favorite? Comment below with your favorite fall color and design!


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